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About Us

Amethyst Health was founded in April 2013 as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, to provide Human Services, Home Care and Elder Care Services to individuals in need of Mental, Physical, and Environmental supports in the community.

Amethyst Health services are provided to individuals ages 18 through end of life. Amethyst Health provides elder care, respite services as well as health and wellness services. Home care services and Elder Care supports are provided in the comfort of the individuals home. Amethyst Health services are provided Coast to Coast.

Amethyst Health also conducts health and wellness seminars for the community at large.


Special Programs




Vocal improvement for singers:  Learn to make the sound waves through your body your best detoxifier. A healthy body means a healthy voice.

Music is a Healer Program: This Program provides Music and Performance services in Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Senior Living Facilities, Community Organizations, and Public performances. Music is a healing source that increases good heart function, releases stress and anxiety and calms the entire body, leaving you refreshed and renewed. Music is a key source in the healing and well being of the whole person. 

Amethyst Health, Inc. partners with The Grace City Opera Theatre to provide these services.

Call for Details and rates,  734-756-5817.  

Community Liaison Services:

Our Community Liaisons are available to assist you with any of your home care needs and Health and Wellness and Elder Care services.

Contact Information:  248-516-5344 and 702-589-4830

Our community liaisons are also available to speak to community organizations, hospitals, and health care agencies regarding our programs and services.

Amethyst Health Memberships:

*Mended Hearts of Nevada

*Member Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Nevada
Farmington Chamber of Commerce, Michigan
*Michigan Non-profit Association
*Spotlight Senior Services s Las Vegas Nevada
Amethyst Health Partners:
*Audia De' Essa, LLC/Assedo Designs
*American Red Cross
*Ashley's Angels
*Grace City Opera Theatre
Sponsors and Partners:
Audia De' Essa/Assedo Designs Boutique: Sponsor and Partner
*The Audia De' Essa/Assedo Designs Boutique is the Primary sponsor for Amethyst Health, Inc. The Boutique is located in Michigan. and has an online web site De Essa which is will connect you to our online store at 
*The Boutique offers a variety of goods: aroma therapy, skin care, health and wellness products, clothing, fragrances, oriental furniture and gift-ware, home decor and accessories. All purchases made at the boutique are 100% tax deductible, during annual fund-raisers. 100% of the proceeds from the purchases are donated to Amethyst Health, Inc.  During the ongoing fund raiser "Shop Til You Drop" 10% of the proceeds are donated to Amethyst Health, Inc. The hours of the Design boutique are by appointment only and the studio is available for fund raisers and private showings.
All items may be purchased from the online store at any time. 
Scholarships and Internships:
The Odessa N. Merrill Scholarship Fund is a special program of Amethyst Health, Inc. which allows the  organization to be of further service to the community.  The Odessa N. Merrill Scholarship Fund was developed in memory of one of our founding board members.  The purpose of the scholarship is to provide
an opportunity for a promising college student to meet some of the financial obligations that come along with going to college.  The cost of books, meals,  and supplies can at times be overwhelming and for many it can be the reason that an education is halted in mid stream or before it gets started.
The Odessa N. Merrill Scholarship also provides an opportunity for work experience and community involvement that may not otherwise be offered with other scholarship funds.  The work experience and knowledge gained as a result of the receiving the scholarship can be used on the students resume'.  The internship is unpaid and may be completed in any one of our programs,  Amethyst Health, Inc., Music is A Healer  or Assedo Designs Boutique. The knowledge and skill gained from the internship, will take any student a long way in his or her career, no matter what direction they choose.
it is to that end, the Odessa N. Merrill Scholarship Fund promotes education, opportunity and life experience in a sustainable manner and supports those students who may have difficulty getting to school or staying in school.  The dream of an education will no longer have to be just a dream,  It can be achieved.   The Scholarship  is granted to a University or College each year.
Unpaid internships are available to High School students and College students whether they are recipients of the Odessa N. Merrill Scholarship or not.  Students who want to develop themselves in an area of study or expand their experience base are welcome to apply for an internship opportunity.  We are always open to helping students better themselves.  If you are interested in applying for an internship opportunity just email us at Amethyst.
There are opportunities open in Marketing, fashion Merchandising, web design, health promotion and education, human services, case management, Music, Drama and fundraising, graphic design, program development, grant writing, program design.  These opportunities are available in the three programs Amethyst Health, Inc. offers:  Health and Wellness Through The Fine Arts,  The Odessa N. Merrill Scholarship Fund, and Assedo Designs Boutique(partner and sponsor of Amethyst Health, Inc.), Music Is A Healer.

Tue, Jan 7, 7:16 PM (4 hours ago)

                     Happy New Year to All and Welcome To 2020

                                   The Year of Clear Vision

Amethyst Health, Inc. will be taking on a New Direction in 2020.

We will still be doing Weekly Tips, and we have added interviews with experts in a variety of Health and Wellness

Topics. We will interview our customers as well as others in the community telling you about their Journey To Wellness.

We will have interviews with Healthy Living Experts, Life style experts, fitness experts, and of course with Music As A Healer Program, open talks about the Healing Power of Music.

Our First interview this week is with an Amethyst Health Customer. Listen to the Journey about aging in place. Home really is where the heart is.

Stay Tuned and remember:

Music Heals and Movement is Medicine.


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