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Amethyst Health, Inc.


Service Philosophy

The organization  is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to everyone we serve. Services are provided to individuals with a variety of needs. Each case is handled according to the needs of the person or family.  Amethyst Health, Inc. collaborates with, Partners in Health Care, Hospitals, Home Health agencies, Case management, Medical Providers, Schools, Universities, Families, Community organizations and Care Provider agencies to assure that our customers are getting the very best services and have access to all the benefits available.  In Addition to our collaborations with a variety of agencies to provide services, Amethyst Health can assist customers with the financing necessary to pay for the home care services.  Amethyst Health provides Benefits management services  by processing all the materials necessary to obtain benefits from Long Term Care Insurance, Veterans Benefits, Short term disability, and many other forms of assistance. Every agency, contractor, consultant or care giver is trained and equipped to meet each persons needs in a dignified and human manner.  Amethyst Health, Inc. is committed to helping our customers Live Their Best Life no matter where they are in life.

​Services are provided to individuals who have multiple or intense needs as well as those who may need minimal assistance. our services are provided in collaboration and liaison with other service providers such as medical providers, hospitals, home health care agencies, schools, universities, and other educational and community organizations. These collaborations allow Amethyst Health, Inc. to assist individuals in enhancing their quality of life while maintaining optimal health and wellness.


Our staff are fully trained and certified to assist individuals and to meet their in a dignified and humane manner.

Our Staff

Staffing services are provided to individuals living in the comfort of their own home. Our staff are fully trained and certified to assist individuals and meet their needs in a dignified and humane manner.

Amethyst Health Services

​Human Services: Working with customer's to provid services that will afford them the opportunity to move toward self-sufficiency and have their needs met in a  diginifed and humane manner.

​Services (This list can be adjusted as required by the customer's needs)


​*Senior Services

​*Social Work

​*Substance Abuse


Home Care: Providing individuals with services that will enhance their quality life.

​Services (This list can be adjusted as required by the customer's needs)

*Personal Care


*Meal Preparation

*Grocery Shopping

*Medication Administration/Monitoring





*Visitation and Companion Services

Veterans: Services provided to assist disabled veterans, their spouses and the spouses of deceased veterans. The above list Home Care services are available to veterans as well as benefit and financial assistance.

Services (This list can be adjusted as required by the customer's needs)

*Home Care Services (As listed above)

*Benefits Assistance

*Financial Assistance

Elder Care: Providing care to the elderly through services that will enhance their quality of life.

Services (This list can be adjusted as required by the customer's needs)


*24 hour staffing
*Adult Day Care (In home)
*Health and Wellness Promotion
*Visitation and Companion Services
*Home Care Services (As listed above under Home Care)
Amethyst Health Services:
Home Care
Veterans Services
Grocery shopping
Light Housekeeping
Personal Care
Meal Preparation
Medication Administration/Monitoring
Pharmacy Services
Medical Services
Psychiatric Services
Educational Services
Substance Abuse Services
Financial Planning/Management
Benefits Management
Health and Wellness
Music As A Healer
Moving  Assistance
24 hour Staffing
Electronic Care Giver
Adult Day Care (In-Home)
The above services are not limited and other requests may be made.  The service agreement details all terms and conditions for services.
Fees will be based on assistance needed.